The Research and Editorial Office of
Professor Barry H.V. Topping

Special Issues PARENG 2019:
Advances in Engineering Software (ADES)

FINAL Deadline for papers 15th November 2019

To avoid disappointment and make a sucessful submission please read this webpage fully.

Information on the submission process for journal publication of extended versions of papers presented at PARENG 2019 is on this page.

The webportals for the submission of papers will open on the 15th August 2019 and close on 15th November 2019.

Please read the see the journal homepage for impact factors and for assistance in the formatting of your paper for the International Journal of Advances in Engineering Software.

Please remember that the publication and the review criteria for archival journals are more stringent than for conference papers.

The details of the EVISE submission portal can be found by following the links "submit your paper" from the journal homepage (on the left hand side - blue button). During the submission process please select the article type "PARENG2019".

Please prepare your submission using information from the journal home page but see the following important advice:

  • Ensure that your paper is in a final state and no modifications need to be made before submitting it for review.
  • Please prepare a submission letter that clearly states the paper reference from the Civil-Comp Press Conference Proceedings - please also quote in the submission letter the title of the conference paper (which may be different from the title of the journal paper that you are submitiing).
  • You must cite the Civil-Comp Conference paper. It is usual to do this at the end of the introduction where you should state clearly what has been added to this version of paper since it was published in the conference proceedings. When you cite the conference paper please use the correct citation for your paper as given in (The page for the proceedings is this Please follow the link to the contents of the volume to the "table of contents" then click on your paper to see the "Full Bibliographic Reference for your paper". The doi should be included and the citation (in your paper) should be exactly as given on the page for your paper. (If there is any difficulty in finding your correct bibliographic reference please contact us.)
  • Please ensure that your account on EVISE includes your full postal address - failure to do this may result in the paper being rejected - this is needed to help avoid conflicted reviewers.
  • During the submission process please select the article type "PARENG2019".
  • Do NOT number the lines of your paper - the system does this automatically.
  • Do number the pages of your paper.
  • Do NOT use a double column layout -(DCL makes review more difficult - many reviewers do not like DCL.)
  • Please make sure that the english of your paper is as perfect as you can make it - reviewers who find lots of mistakes in the english - simply give up and will not review a paper that requires corrections. It is not a good strategy to expect a reviewer to correct english.
  • Please recognise that the abstract and highlights are very important - if these are not good your paper will not pass initial checks.
  • In the abstract make sure that you DO NOT include text that should be in the introduction. Do make sure that the abstract provides the reader with a clear statement of what is new and what contribution to the state of the art has been made in the paper. Do not write about objectives - explain what you have achieved.
  • The highlights should be short numbered bullet points that indicate why the author should read your paper - they should clearly and briefly state what is new in the paper - they should NOT be long sentences - they should not be information that should be in either the abstract or introduction - they should not be a direct copy of the abstract - they should NOT be keywords - keywords should be in the keyword field.
  • Advice on selecting referees: The authors of submissions must suggest at least six potential reviewers through the EVISE system please could you do this but consider the following. Please ensure that the reviewers are not conflicted. You should not have published papers or books with the persons proposed. Ideally two of the persons should be members of the journal editorial board (see the journal home page) if at all possible. (Please note you can have more than six reviewer proposals). The reviewers should not be Editors of the journal. The reviewers should generally not come from the same country or be of the same nationality as any of the authors (except in the case of editorial board members). The journals are international and therefore international referees are required. Do not select editors of CAS, ADES or other journals as they are usually overloaded and do not have time to review. Please make sure you complete all columns of the reviewer form in the submission process.
In case of problems please contact Barry Topping using the email given on the homepage

Thank you for your interest in the journal and the conference.

Professor Barry H V Topping
Advances in Engineering Software